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Rome Forum from Palentine Hill

10 Things to do in Rome on a First Visit

Unless you have a few weeks to spare or are happy to run around at the pace of an Olympic sprinter you are going to need to make a list.

Halong Bay Vietnam

A Two Day Cruise on Halong Bay

We travelled from Hanoi at the end of October to cruise Halong Bay. We chose a two-day cruise on Ba Tu Long Ba and totally loved it.

Cenang Beach Langkawi Malaysia

Where to stay in Langkawi

Deciding to visit Langkawi is pretty easy; deciding where to stay while you are there will probably take you a little longer.

Don't rent a car in Penang

Do you need to rent a car when you visit Penang?

The short answer is no – read on to find out why and learn about the much better alternatives.

Plan a visit to Rome Colosseum

Planning 5 Days in Rome

Planning a trip to Rome? Need some quick answers? Below are the main questions we had before we visited.


Where to eat in Penang

If you are heading to Penang your belly is in for a big treat. The food here is sensational, in fact eating became the focus of our trip

Lets meet the Queen Buckingham Palace in London

Things to do in London on a first visit

When you start planning your first visit to England you wonder how you will fit all the amazing things to see and do in London into one trip.  Well worry no more, after several visits we have come up with what we think are some of the best things to see in the royal city. […]

NYC Street Art Walks Nick Walker

Finding Street Art in New York

Coming across street art in New York is not exactly hard. There is plenty of it but if time is limited here are 4 areas you should make sure you don’t miss.

Christmas bauble decorations New York City

A First Time Guide to Christmas in New York

Planning to visit NYC in December? Read on for our tips on enjoying all best Christmas sites without too much fuss.