Who is Expert Abroad?

Well actually there are two of us 🙂

The name for this blog Expert Abroad came from our youngest daughter. It’s a bit of a long story but our first blog about our home city, Sydney Expert, has been running for several years and writing about our travels never really fit that site, so we decided to put them all together here. Family, friends, and colleagues come to us for travel advice all the time, so the expert tag has become a bit of a nickname.


That depends on your definition of expert. We are going with this one:

 “a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.”    

We know a lot about travel – We watch, read and talk about it pretty much all the time! We love to research background information and find hidden gems in the places we plan to visit. Having a balance between seeing the big ticket sites and spending time enjoying a place the locals do is important to me. We make ridiculous amounts of notes before we book each trip so we can plan our time the best way possible.

Why we do this

We set up thist site because we love sharing our tips with our family and friends so it seemed like the next step for us to share them with you too!  We are planning on hitting the road on an extended grown up gap year in the future so there will be lots more to share.

Last year we finally published our first ebook Sydney – an interactive Choose a Way travel guide and we also volunteer as a Sydney Greeter part of the Global Greeter Network. Travelling is part of who we are.

Paula Morgan Expert Abroad

Paula Morgan
Writer, researcher and food critic 😉 

Hi, my name is Paula Morgan aka “Sydney Expert”. Many years ago I studied travel and tourism with a plan quit my job as a librarian to become a travel agent or guide. Before that could happen, I had a family and travelling no longer fit my lifestyle so that dream ended, for a while. When my daughter was 12, we took off on our first long family holiday exploring Europe for eight weeks.

Since then we have travelled overseas for 4-5 weeks every year. In between trips I read, research and plan where to go next. It’s what keeps me going to the next trip and what started me off on my blogging adventure. It’s the best way I have found to make the holiday last. When we eat bad meals on trips I get the blame as the food research is all up to me.

Charles Akkary - Expert Abroad

Charles Akkary
Photographer, Interpreter & bag packer

Hello, my name is Charles, the other half of Expert Abroad.  I was born in Australia but travel as a child to Brazil where I lived until my mid-20s.  I returned to Australia and spent the next few years working and exploring close to home. I worked many years in sales roles before deciding to spend my days on the road driving Sydney buses. For the last 16 years, I have been travelling with Paula and exploring far and wide. Nothing makes us happier than being together in new places and experiencing new cultures.

I speak five languages and take selfies like a pro! I also pack Paula’s bags cause she hates doing it so much!

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