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Discovering Street Art in Asia

Street art in Asia is among the most colourful in the world. Malaysia and Taiwan lead the way when it comes to impressive large scale works but there is also some great stuff happening in Cambodia, Thailand and South Korea We recently got to talking with travel writing friends about which Asian cities are the […]

Cenang Beach Langkawi Malaysia

Where to stay in Langkawi

Deciding to visit Langkawi is pretty easy; deciding where to stay while you are there will probably take you a little longer.

Don't rent a car in Penang

Do you need to rent a car when you visit Penang?

The short answer is no – read on to find out why and learn about the much better alternatives.


Where to eat in Penang

If you are heading to Penang your belly is in for a big treat. The food here is sensational, in fact eating became the focus of our trip