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Naxos Island Greece

If you are looking for a Greek island escape that offers tradition, beauty, value for money and amazing food then island of Naxos in the Cyclades should be on your list. Why visit Naxos? On our


7 days in Paris

We had a fantastic week in Paris; I think what made it work so well is that I put a lot of time into planning the best way to structure our days. This meant that we could minimise backtracking and


What to do in Venice aka Venice for Beginners

Venice was a last minute addition to our Italian itinerary. Everyone I asked said not to bother, it's too crowded, too expensive, too smelly. I guess it can be those things if you visit in the middle


10 Things to do in Rome

Need help deciding which places you should see on your first visit to Rome? Unless you have a few weeks to spare or are happy to run around at the pace of an Olympic sprinter you are going to need to


Planning 5 Days in Rome

Planning a trip to Rome?  Need some quick answers?  Below are the main questions we had before our first visit. How to plan a trip to Rome On our first visit to Italy we spent five fabulous


Things to do in London on a first visit

When you start planning your first visit to England you wonder how you will fit all the amazing things to see and do in London into one trip.  Well worry no more, after several visits we have