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Multi-day Hiking Trails to Test Your Legs.

If you have thought about doing a long hike but not sure if you are up to it these multi-day hikes are a great way to get a feel for distance walking. I asked some of my blogging mates to share their favourite walks with us to inspire us to lace up the hiking shoes […]

Cambodia Phnom Penh Waterfront

3 Days in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is often seen as a stopover point. Most visitors only touch down en route to Siem Reap, and then only often for a day. We want to show you why you should stay longer. Why you should spend more than a day in Phnom Penh At very first glance, […]

Madrid cityscape and aerial view of of Gran Via shopping street, Spain

The Best Madrid Experiences

Are you looking for Madrid experiences that will stick in your memory? There are so many interesting things to do in Madrid that it’s hard to determine what should make your itinerary. Well, we think we have come up with a great list for you to work through for your planning. How to find interesting […]

Traditional flamenco dresses at a house in Malaga, Andalusia, Spain.

How to Plan a Trip to Spain

We spent 6 weeks exploring Spain in 2016 and in 2019 Charles spent another 7 weeks walking the Camino. It’s a country we love and think everyone should experience if they have the chance. Spain is a destination that has dazzled visitors for centuries. A long and tumultuous past resulted in many groups have left […]

The Wall of Love in Montmarte Paris

Street Art in Paris

There is so much fantastic street art in Paris that it’s well worth spending some time checking it out

Glenfinnan Viaduct Scotland train

Scenic Trains in Europe

Train travel brings a chance to sit back and take in the countryside as the miles slide by so why not add one of these fantastic scenic train rides to your next European holiday and explore the world as early travellers did. My love of trains began when I was eleven years old, and my […]


Exploring Spain’s World Heritage Sites

With so many amazing places to see in Spain determining an itinerary can be a real challenge. We put together this list of 17 of Spain’s World Heritage sites to give you a bit of a starting point. If it makes a UNESCO list, it’s got to have something going for it 🙂 


How to Spend 3 Days in Granada Spain

Granada oozes Andalusian charm, a huge dose with vibrant, Moorish culture and an artistic hippie vibe. Come see why we think you should spend 3 days in Granada so you can really uncover its secrets. Granada is a cultural and artistic hub with a generous spirit, from the size of the tapas servings that come […]

evening view of Mosque-Cathedral and Romano Bridge, Cordoba,Spain

What to See in Cordoba Spain

The UNESCO listed town of Cordoba is home to one of the most impressive buildings in Spain, the Mezquita. The city is the perfect size city for a 2-day visit. If you are still in the early stages of organising your visit to Spain check out our guide How to plan a trip to Spain […]

St Marks Square Rome Italy Vatican City

Italian Itinerary

How to plan your first trip to Italy If you are trying to plan your first visit to Italy our 21-day itinerary is a great starting point. In just 8 easy steps you will have all you need to create the perfect Italian vacation.  On our first visit to Italy, we were lucky enough to […]