What we loved about Hanoi

We loved so many things about Hanoi from the crazy streets to the amazing food but here are the five things that have stuck in our memories. 1. Early morning walks around the Hoan Kiem Lake The Huc...

Street Art in Perth

Today we are sharing 10 of our favourite street art murals we found when we visited Perth recently. On our visit to Perth earlier this year we spent a week just relaxing with friends, eating and...

Visiting Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks WA

Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks two very special beaches located in an area of Western Australia known as the Rainbow Coast. That name alone should have been a giveaway that this was going to be something special.

What to do in Venice aka Venice for Beginners

“If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you’ve imagined. Venice is – Venice is better.” Fran Lebowitz

10 Things to do in Rome

Unless you have a few weeks to spare or are happy to run around at the pace of an Olympic sprinter you are going to need to make a list.

A Two Day Cruise on Halong Bay

We travelled from Hanoi at the end of October to cruise Halong Bay. We chose a two-day cruise on Ba Tu Long Ba and totally loved it.

Plan, Travel, Repeat

Because not travelling is not an option

Paula and Charles

Paula and Charles

Expert Abroad

Hi, pleased to meet you! We are Paula and Charles, a pair of just turned 50 travel addicts who have spent the last ten years combining full-time work with part-time travel.

We recently downsized to allow us more time and money to hit the road whenever we can. Share our journeys and perhaps find some tips for planning your own big adventures.

Next stop – Margaret River and Southern WA and then Cambodia

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Things to do in London

Most Aussies head to London on their first European trip.  It's the motherland after all :-), and I was no exception.  For many years it seemed travelling via Heathrow was the only way to get to Europe. Over the years and we have been lucky enough to spend over a...

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